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About Kirsty Fenton

My minimal and bold figurative paintings of the female body grew naturally from becoming more intune and interested in how my own body works and thrives. After the transformative experience of pregnancy and becoming a mother, this interest and curiosity to express and celebrate the female body only grew stronger. 


In the realm of painting, my aim is to encapsulate the very essence of the female form through delicate, gestural strokes that convey impressions rather than precise depictions. Infused with vibrant and bold hues, my artworks evoke a sense of connection and celebration for the viewer.

Becoming a Mother has been a very exciting yet whirlwind journey. My New Collection MOTHERS explores this special and unique change that a woman goes through and I hope that my artwork connects with those who have experienced it.


Spending time with the women I paint, I often draw inspiration from photographs I personally capture of them. In the realm of minimalism, every brushstroke holds significance, contributing to the culmination of the final piece of art. I take profound pride in portraying and celebrating the women I paint, striving to capture their essence with authenticity and reverence.

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